Friday, October 24, 2008

Broadband Getting Slow

I know its a peek season where my semester examination is just around the corner but as usual, I need to have some tension released or I might blown my head off. Well, as a broadband user, it is pretty obvious that I take internet as a medium as self relief but right broadband itself giving me extra tension.

If you're a current broadband user, I bet you will be more than understand what I am trying to convey. Can you imagine, with the speed of HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps, I have a hard time (sometimes) to open a page including Travian and my own blog and that does not include downloading (often) where a 1 hour download of the latest season of Prison Break Season 4 Episode 8 took me an infinite amount of hours. What's happening?

I manage to download the latest movie available on the market for example Bangkok Dangerous anda Eagle Eye but after that it seemed like the center of the broadband service provider has betrayed me. I can't download anything right now with the same speed that I pay for. Rm100 is not cheap, believe me on that. As a student, I have a hard time paying it up and when this problem arrives, it makes me more angry and furious.

So, how was your day? I hope everything will be just fine. I bet you know that Nuffnang right now is making a massive advertising program on large rectangle unit so you better change or put the rectangle unit on your blog to take the opportunity. The free Corvette car competition is also on the line.


  1. so, better gi study la. nak exam nih..

  2. i think maybe you are connecting using auto search to choose the network..
    try using the manual..
    and choose the 3g connection..
    i think this can help you..
    bcause before this i have the same problem tooo