Sunday, October 26, 2008

PR Update, What A Heck

Go to some sites and people babbling about the newest PR update, I know...I know...some feeling so lucky that their PR going up from 1 to 3, or 0 to 3 and I am so sure that there's a fewer number that exceeded 4. Now, what is the PR of this blog? It has been predicted ages that this blog will never go above 0 with one conclusion, they don't like blog that received payment for reviews. I don't mind. As long as this blog support me financially, I have no problem with the PR.

It has been a debate on how actually one's PR been calculated. They say that it involved a calculation that is so unique that no one ever decoded it yet but some say its just a human push the button process, it has been organically put in the line by someone and they will granted you with PR if they think you're qualified. I don't really care about it so fine by me.

If we look through the internet, there are many more indicator and not just PR. For example, my Alexa rank is less than 500 000, what can you say about it? Its good, what else. That still does not include my Izea rank, and other ranks such as Technorati and other social bookmarks site. My Technorati is almost 0, so I don't want to put the widget that solely based on Technorati because I did not even put the widget here (Technorati me widget) so why must I bother?

So, for all of you that have an increase on your PR, congrates and don't forget to sign up with a few making money sites that I introduced to you on the previous posts so that you can earn something from it, not just praising your blog for having high PR.

P/s : Just downloaded a few more movies, going to watch it and ignore my alertness of going to have exam in just two days time!


  1. i got the same problem on pr!!!!!

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