Friday, October 17, 2008

Selling Coolers For Cooler

Yesterday I'm selling two of Cooler Master™ Notepal S and Notepal R9 for quite a sum of money. Of course the price is much cheaper as Notepal R9 is an open box, the price has been reduced to almost half of its original price and I even have to pay the delivery cost too, this is all due to the other cooler that I recently received, the Cooler Master™ Notepal Infinite. Its the new cooling pad for laptop that really mesmarize me from the day I see it when my friend use it.

Infinite have an awesome looks, the surface itself evoke cool air to the surface of the laptop, totally without leaving any other surface around it. I bet if you look at the silver colour version of Infinite, you will be dreaming of having it too. It has four USD ports, an adjustable power for the main fan from 500 to 1500 and of course, an on and off switches for the fan.

Well, maybe a few month later I might as well sell this cooling pad too if Cooler Master™ can come up with a more modern, stylish, exotic, very effective cooler and I bet they will, it just a matter of time.

P/s : I'm almost at the corner of my examination hall and I still think about Cooler Master™ Notepal Infinite, that's crazy.

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