Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sorry For Silence

My examination is just around the corner and as you know degree level examination is not simple. This is what happen when you're playing around the whole semester and forgot about your examination until you realize it will be just a few weeks away. Walaweh, I have no time to blog but still play Travian, Malaysia server. What's happening to me??

Yeah, above is my latest payment from Sponsored Review. It seemed that the advertiser still except it eventhought my Page Rank has been deducted from 3 to 0 for more than a month now. No matter, people have faith in this blog so why must I quit. I have a terrible thought of selling this blog for a few dollar due to extreme tiredness of unrestful studies but after a long thought, this blog is now more than just a money making source, its already a part of me.

I don't mind people don't pay me because this blog makes me want to express myself and also ensure that I have something to do when I don't have anything to do in the real world. I often finished my assignment early so I have ample time that I often wasted doing nothing before this.
I might not be able to update this blog often until my examination is completely finish.

Thanks ya :)


  1. yeah.. this month is really busy 4 student college like us.. hahah.. struggle for future undertakings.. good luck final exam pal!

  2. congratulation. Even its not hundreds bucks, you earn something this month.