Wednesday, November 26, 2008

$1.00 Per Lead!

Yup, another contest is on the run from 10th November until 30th November 2008 from Downline Builder Direct. Downline Builder Direct is more like a building list system which will boost your sales and everything else. I don't see that as something new because the basic reason for Pay Per Lead is definitely about list.

Right now, they're on a hunt for a big list and you will gain $1.00 per lead you take them. The contest is just few days away before closing so its the right time to open your list builder and take them for a spin. I don't have a list so that's really a troublesome. It's the biggest mistake I ever made and right now I am trying to take back what I've lost.

So, want easy money? Just click here!

P/s: Nothing is easy actually, but its worth a try.

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