Sunday, November 23, 2008

Alertpay Guidance E-book

Just a few days before, one of my internet marketer friend which is pretty professional in any PTC earnings, has just launched its third free e-book called Panduan Alertpay or Alertpay guide. It is quite nice and easily understood for anyone that have problems regarding Alertpay or don't even know what Alertpay is. Right now people are getting quite angry with some of the Paypal features such as the bias of resolution and of course the strict policy of Paypal.

Alertpay offers a lot of good deal and that includes direct transfer of our funds from Alertpay to our local bank and the other way around. One thing that I learn from this e-book is that I can have a free money transfer from MYR to my Alertpay account by deposit more than MYR250.00 per deposit to avoid the MYR15 transaction fee. So, want to know more? You can directly download the e-book by clicking the mediafire link below!

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