Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chitika And Twitter

Now you can advertise your referral link of Chitika and earn some money from Twitter up to 15 months on 10% percent revenue of the referral. You don't take their money, its just that Chitika giving bonuses to you for advertising the link. This is surely a good news for those bloggers with Twitter installed on the blog. Now, why did'nt I do the same?

I'm sorry but I am so afraid that Twitter might cost me dearly since the message Twitter sent will be charge back to my credit. I don't have the guts to do it because I had been a victim of program sucking money thing which eventually lead me on spending MYR5.00 per week for some stupid ringtones and not entertaining games which I can't even download and play. Got the idea?

Well, I don't have any Twitter but I do love to share the link. Haven't been a Chitika member? Earn a lot from this cybermall by clicking here!

P/s: I have a hard time when I sync my phone with ym, let alone putting Twitter.

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