Saturday, November 22, 2008

Facebook Ads!

I've just received an email today saying that Facebook now have their ads space for rent, with a trial version worth $25. Nice, now there's a lot more advertising slot on social networking. Maybe later on Myspace and Friendster will take the same steps and not using Google Adsense anymore as a main income.

So, have you seen it? Its worth a try eventhough as far as I could remember, I have not click any single advertisement on any social networking site especially the accidental click because my friend love to edit their pages with fancy button which you will find it hard to ignore.

Anyway, if you advertise there, I think you will be change higher based on impression and not click, im positively sure about that. Well, at least people notice something because I am sure that within 200 people browsing in, maybe around 50 noticed the ads. In Facebook, there's millions of user so you get my point, right?

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