Saturday, November 15, 2008

Finally, Its Over!

Finally, my examination is over and I have a lot to do during this semester break and that's including paying for this blogs yearly rent, and also have to focus back on my services, the email marketing which you can send promotional email to 2.7 million people without even spamming and of course my e-book, the Raja Bidvertiser which is at

As usual, each month I will get something from a site that gives me extra pound sterling all the time, you can go to for further information. Yup, its a tiptop report and I assure you that you will gain monthly pound sterling income from that. How much did I get? Right now is only around $60 if you convert them to dollar from pound which is around 30 pound. Its monthly, what a heck.

I also got offers of payment post from a company that makes your "thing" bigger and also company that wants to sponsor wine. Sorry, its out of my field and i am not interested to advertise such item, so I passed them. Also under translation which I don't know either I should take it or not. 200 pages for Rm150, what do you think? It a good slide income, though.

Well, my exam is over and I can focus now on making money back, as usual. :)

P/s:I am now travian holic and my village is at my server. Can you spot me?

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