Monday, November 24, 2008

Monetizing Travian

I've played Travian for almost two years now, its one of the greatest online game I ever played and its really evoke my senses to stay at night, switch on my broadband for the whole day just to see the completion of my research and so on. Since travian use real time research, some research will take a day, and more. The armies movement also the same. Your armies can attack or help your friend and the journey can be measured in days. Its a very entertaining games and I love it.

Last week I've been thinking, since people willing to pay for this game, just like World of Warcraft, should I be making e-book about the tips and tricks, about Natars villages and how I can get to the top 200 from thousands of online player? How can I have one of the largest armies on the server and so on, how did I get top attacking player straight and so on. I looked up on the net and there's one e-book that said it teaches the same. The price is quite high and is it worth it.

I thought wanna try to make a new one, with a cheaper price and a lot more real information. Maybe I'm not going to interview almost 1000 players just to know some secrets but more on what I already knew and only interview the top player from each server. Hah, that's more I like it. Well, the finger needs flipping and I don't know whether I have time for it or not. Huh, tough job.

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