Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NFS Undercover - Dissapointing

Have you played the new version of Need For Speed? The Undercover and its all about undercover and race and so on. I've installed it and let me say something, even from a demo or stage, its very disappointing. The interface and menu graphic are totally lose out, and I'm comparing these to NFS Most Wanted and NFS Carbon, both are better than Undercover. Are they changes the developers? I mean the design and graphic team, maybe.

Anything new? Well, at least they don't have the "I can't roam" just like NFS Prostreets that really pissing many NSF fans off. Playing in a carnival, not my type and that doesn't include damage system. Undercover has a few thing installed including the game story, buzz and maybe the police as well. Environment graphic is a fail to me, can u imagine on the day light you can see the road as if you're driving on a tile road, or road with waters all over? That concept can only perform better at night, take Carbon for instance. Day light race better take Most Wanted blurry idea, cool!

Overall, worth buying but better try the demo first :D stealing cars and new model cars.

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