Monday, December 8, 2008

eMillions - Must Have This

Its Stanley Tang, a 16 year old teenagers that happens to be one of the greatest internet marketer in the world has launched his book, eMillions. eMillions is a compilation of 14 great internet marketers and if you buy it from his mini site, you might earn more than just the book. The compilation includes a lot of rare bonuses which means webinar and many more.

The only way for you to purchase this book is by Amazon or B&B, which one do you prefer? If you go to his mini site, the bonuses seemed more on buying from Amazon. Now, do you want the details on all the 14 internet marketers? No problem, Stanley Tang revealed them with no hesitation. Here's the fella,
Yanik Silver
Willie Crawford
Michel Fortin
Rosalind Gardner
Gary Ambrose
Joel Christopher
Jermaine Griggs
Jason james
Jeremy "Shoemoney" Schoemaker
Rob Cowie (the guy who did Blair Witch Project)

Haha..interested? There's only selective amount of people joining the affiliate and I am simply not one of them. So, no affiliate link over here but you can straightly look at the minisite by click here.

P/s: I search Stanley Tang images on Google and that's what came up. If that's not the Stanley Tang that it should be, sorry....

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