Sunday, December 7, 2008

Expand Your Business With Email Marketing

Yup, its the peak of the recession and changes are made, economy is very unstable and based on the Malaysia Global Brand Forum, its the best time to start advertising and showing the images of your brand to the rest of the world. This is the time to start the kicking of your product and make sure you're on the peak when recession ends.

So, one of the method that I propose is using email marketing. Some say its irrelevant because the email might be inactive and we are just wasting money sending the email. So far, is it true? Well, I am handling services to send your promotional email to 2.7 million people per day and even if 10% is active, its still quite a lot, right? Am I bluffing? Nope...I'm using Net's number one email marketing.

My email marketing is more on using active safe-list, meaning that your email is not a spam and under agreement with the company itself. You can see the details of the company by click here. So, are you interested using this services? You can send me questions and details by click here.

So, I'm offering you two e-books which are Email Marketing 101 and SEO Revealed with any purchase of services, and each blast will only cost you $5.00 or MYR15.00. Payment details will be provided if you interested, after a session of questions and answers by click here. Your promotional email will be sent to 2.7 million people.
I guarantee you that your email will reach 2.7 million people, no spamming and of course extremely cheap without hidden charges. Well, what are you waiting for? Advertising means more money for you and exposure of your brands!

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