Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Few Minutes To Write!

It's blackout and I only have a few minutes to write before my laptop's battery running low. Thank god my broadband seemed to help me a lot, its Blue Cube for those who wondering what kind of devices I use and the service provider would be, Celcom. Haha...its not commercial, I'm just telling you. Seemed they have the widest coverage, 3G can be almost everywhere.

Today I'm amaze that one of my blog visitor is Stanley Tang itself. Wow...nope, I'm not kidding. You can see that on Mybloglog widget. Maybe he's attracted to my post regarding his book, eMillions and would like to see whether its a positive or negative post. Don't worry, its quality is high so no stopping on giving good feedback :)

More e-books are on the line and filling my mail box. I don't know why but recently I have a hard time with Yahoo Mail. Everytime I want to delete the trash mail or even reading any mail, I will come up with "stuck" condition. I can't open my email or delete any of the email. It has been two days straight and I don't know the reason why. Its obviously not related to my laptops because I got the same result on other laptops, or my home PC or even at cyber cafe. Now I can't download any e-book or answering questions etc.

Well, Adha got 1 more days to go. For muslims, don't forget to benefit it because it comes once's a year. Maybe next year you might not have the chance to come across Adha again....for others' happy holiday and I'm sure you're packing up because Christmas is near!

P/s : I'm playing LG games to win myself LG Secret, hope I win it!

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