Friday, December 5, 2008

Majalah IM 8 - Its All About Woman

Team Flarebiz has come up with a new IM magazine, specially created for any Malaysian that wanting to know more about how to make money online and this time its more on woman. The topic is more towards discussion on is it true that woman is not capable in Internet Marketing? To be honest with you, I've make friends with several woman internet marketer such as Catzer and Kak G, and others too...and I am sure they wanted to say no on it.

There's also something related to list building, which i failed to come up with, even now and also other things. So, instead of reading this post you better just downloaded the e-book. I would like to remind you that the size is quite big because there's even audio which includes interviews and so on. I think they still put Dik Mal on the line.

Oh well, just download it give it your own opinion! Click here to download and I guarantee you, its free of charge. If anyone selling this ezine, you can smack them in the face!

P/s : If I sell it, its a total mistake...sorry... :D

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