Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Protect Your Love Ones From The Net

It's free, its simple, its effective and its web based programs that runs and filter from the web and not from a software, its K9 Web Protection. This is a good web filtering software to avoid your love ones from being harm by the unbenificial site from the net and you take control of everything. Its free and very good in both interface and usage. The friendly user interface ensure that non-educated computer literate can use the program.

K9 Web Protection been developed by Blue Coat (police?) and to be use it for free, you need to register first so that you can obtain your free license which includes password, email and so on. No other details been taken except your email and your name. Don't worry, they definately won't spam you. The default setting of K9 Web Protection is rather strict which includes no social networking and p2p. You can loose it a little bit at the setting.

You can also open up filtered content for 15 minutes as an administrator which means this software can't help you to protect yourself from the harmful content on the net. If you being naugthy, you can simply go anywhere you wanted. Its more on other people, not you. I'm using it to filter my internet content from my friends, little brother and sister and any anoynamous user.

Well, register now and use it for free by click here!


  1. Have you had a chance to check out Livia Web Protection?

    They offer a free trial of the software and it also uses the Websense database of URLs which is the best in the biz..

  2. Well, thanks for the info but when it comes to "free trial", it means only one thing...not free. But as parents, that should be the second thing to think compared to the secure internet site for the kids.

    Websense is the best in the biz, can't easily hacked and provenly great filter!