Sunday, December 7, 2008

Qurban Special - Ezqurban

It's Eid Adha and I would like to wish all muslims around the happy Eid Adha, I hope that all of us take this opportunity to help others in need including Qurban. Today I create a special post regarding Qurban and its not about the benefits of Qurban and so on because you can search for them on the net pretty easily with scientific details. I would like to introduce Ezqurban.

Actually its already quite late to introduce this awesome program because it's already Eid Adha but maybe you can take the benefit next year. What is Ezqurban? Ezqurban is an organization that conduct Qurban and Aqiqah for you and take the Qurban to the place where muslims need them the most. The benefit is that you can send your qurban to a place that really need them, a place where muslim is poor and under poverty for example in Sri Langka, Philipines and Cambodia.
One part of the cow Qurban only cost you MYR250 while the whole goat will only cost you MYR500. They also can handle your Fidyah (giving rice to the one in needs) and also Aqiqah. What makes Ezqurban different from others is that the method of payment are wide and you can join in various of ways. The biggest benefit is that your Qurban will be given to the one that really in need.

So, next year, try to make more Qurban to other people. Allah has given you lots of benefit on earth and its time for you to share them. You got thousands per month hence show your gratitude by making Qurban once a year. Make one for the mosque at your neighbourhood and the others for muslims all over the world.

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