Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scavanging For Niche

I don't think that anything related for making money online, or online money maker etc is going to keep me inside the blogging field as many people have turn themselves into the same niche, making google search engine display millions of potential sites when you search for the keyword. As you know, the adsense paying for this niche is also little.

Right now I'm still searching for it and finally I think I had found a right tool. It has been given me 6.5 million high paying keyword that really can boost the effect of google adsense and I'm telling you, its work like something I can't imagine. Yup, we often heard about many keyword been publish inside the forum or you can search it with your tool but how accuracy is that? 6.5 million is too much, I have to find keyword that matches my personality and of course background knowledge.

Right now I'm off for house renovation, not much, only the gate and fences, putting a little touch to it as its already under heavy assault from the weather and time, just painting and cleaning to put the shine back. At the same time, I might have some good idea based on the 6.5 million niches on what I should write after this, or what will the new blog is all about.

This blog will be running as usual but maybe I will use free hosting and domain later, need some changes, and changes need sacrifice. Oh ya, before I forgot, need to learn the basic of Wordpress because I've seen that blogs using Wordpress are impressively beautiful, gorgeous and stunning! I wonder how many free e-books out there regarding this.

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