Monday, December 1, 2008

Server Freak!

Its the end of the year and many people will be queue-up to ensure that their domain name doesn't expire or wanted to buy new domain. So, do you satisfy with your web hosting provider or would you like to have something new which might suits your need? Today I would like to introduce Server Freak.

Server Freak is a Malaysia web hosting provider, its not that new and not that old but have many experience and of course, satisfy customers. The Server Freak servers are based on Malaysia and US which has accordingly data center that includes Electrical and Power System, Environment Control, Raised Flooring System and many more. Al of these insure the security of the data and also your website itself.

How about the cost? Well, Server Freak provide excellent job for the same price as most web hosting offers and that's really a great bump that gives them the advantage to go further. There are no overselling, you can have your 30 days money back warranty, 24/7 support helpdesk and also the latest technology in server.

So, convince or not? Click here for more details and get the package you need!

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