Thursday, December 11, 2008

Social Networking Landslide

I am pretty sure that most of you have read that AOL changes its Bebo appearance to attract more people to use their social networking. They add up a few new approaches including social inbox and many more to compete against the number one Facebook or Myspace. Myspace also done the same by creating a mafia like gaming inside their own social networking and attracting online gamers like me. The game is more like The Crims or Creed or something like that.

Sometimes I've been thinking, should I try to create my own social networking? What are the stakes and what must I do to achieve it? Well, I have witness that most social networking owner have becoming a millionaire, from Myspace millionaire to the famous Facebook millionaire (forget their name, sorry)...what triggers them and how do they make it? Many have created forum but will the outcome of the income be the same? I haven't seem Warrior Forum's owner on the top list yet.

Browsing through the net for several times but I just can't find the right tool for creating a fancy social networking, some are even hoax to attract people to click on them, buy them and lastly giving a great load of undesirable trash that cutting the budget away. Have you find one that good to become a base of any social networking? I'm not looking for a free one or hosted as long as the quality is in a tip top condition.

Putting some adsense my do the trick, but Facebook have its own idea of creating their own ads space. You can see my comment on that at the previous post. Myspace and Friendster putting adsense and that's have profitted them a lot not by click but maybe more on impression. Imagine millions of people clicking or just looking at the ads everyday, that's really a treasure cove.

P/s : Got to go to Aquaria, Kuala Lumpur to bring my little brothers that so eager to see all the marine life there. If the font is a little bit weird from the previous post, its because I wrote this using IE7.

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