Friday, January 30, 2009

Applying My Plastic Cash

Plastic cash, a term that has been given to the debit card. I've first knew about it on the newspaper just a few days ago regarding many people using debit card instead of credit card to buy all the necessities needed for the Chinese New Year. The demand for debit card increases more than 50% within the year 2008 until the early 2009. It shows how people started to spend wisely and not going for loans that might end up biting your neck and your breath until you die shamefully because of the flow of debt. Talk about debit card, remember about renewing my domain etc. Yup, its today.

Today I decided to apply (again) for my debit card so that I can use Google Checkout to buy domain directly from Blogspot which will going to save me a lot of money when it comes to web hosting as Blogger can be the host of my domain as long as I buy them from the inside. I did tell you on my post yesterday that I am not going for the free dot com, right? This will be my third time applying for debit card. The first one is from Tune Money, I paid and they said I don't pay (no record...what da?!) and lastly my $50 toasted. The second one is with Public Bank but I forgot to pay the initial fees so the card puff away. This will be the third one and I hope I will make it in time.
Since I have a Maybank account, I thought that I wanted to use Maybank Debit Mastercard to use at Google Checkout and Paypal but it is amaze yet a shocking news when I knew that Maybank Debit Mastercard can't verified Google Checkout and even Paypal or Ebay! It is really shameful for such bank (Malaysia's Most Valuable Brands) to be in a rank where we can do only transaction. Hello, Malaysian people already make money on the net, not just opening social bookmarking, read blogs and other non-sense and also open email. Thank god that Public Bank still offers the good old debit card.

In Malaysia, we either use Public Bank Debit Visa Electron or AmBank Debit and also Tune Money Debit Card (my nightmare, they still don't refund my money!). All of these cards has a good online usage for verifying E-bay, Paypal, Alertpay and even Google Checkout. Unlike Debit Card from banks, Tune Money offers a yearly payment of $3.00 compared to banks which is $4. The problem with Tune Money is that it does not have a permanent bank, it stores money as if its belongs to CIMB. Thats why if you take out money from Tune Money other than CIMB, you might have to pay $5.00 per transaction. (IF I'm not mistaken...IF)

Right now I'm patiently waiting a phone call saying that my card is ready and been sent to my mail box. After that I need to store $25 so that it can be fully functioning and lastly buy the domain using Google Checkout! Yes, what a plan! I just hope right now that I'm not being black listed by Public Bank for ignoring their last year's debit card. (they send the card but I don't bank in the activation fees)

Oh, before I forgot. If you think that you don't need the debit card, you can still verify your account (except Google Checkout) by using Virtual Credit Card. It is much safer and of course cheaper.

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