Monday, January 26, 2009

Attacked By Spam

Today, I turned on my broadband and thinking what should I write today. I opened my email and find out that one of my primary email has been infected or should I say infested by spams! This really draws me to anger. Its been a week since I have difficulties to open and read my emails, and right now things gone to worse as more and more spams able to penetrate to the inbox and fill it with a lot of rubbish.

See the picture that I show you, they don't put any words or sentences that I could understand but more and symbols. What does it mean, what is the content? I don't know because till the day I wrote this posts, I still can't open my email to read them. Can you imagine that the "loading..." symbol will be flashing in the middle of the screen for hours and lastly end up with error. Is it the problem with Yahoo! free email or my broadband? I don't know. Maybe its my broadband. Yahoo! is too big to make such as small mistake.

I started thinking, how can this infidel get my email and pour it with lots of spams. To be honest, last night spams were much worse than the one I showed you today. Instead of a few spams, last night I got 200 spams inside my email. This number still has not included the one inside the bulk mail. I think that I might gave my information when I subscribing to newsletters or registering in any occasion. A few days back I had registered on several programs to test them whether they can make money for me or not.

Right now I'm in Perak, home sweet home. Arrived at 6 p.m after a long journey from KL. Today was such a headache because out of 6 cabs I called, I was lucky that 1 of them did not take his holiday and decided to earn extras. Others already shopping in Alamanda etc. Just imagine, in CNY, the price of anything, from clothes to shoes, had been reduced by 50%! Tomorrow I need to head to Klang Valley, seeing my grandmother. If I have the time, I shall post something tomorrow as well!

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