Monday, January 19, 2009

The Blog Is Going Free

What is happening? I've been neglacting this blog for quite a while. As you all know, new year is coming and that also the initial stage of a new semester. Meaning that there are books to buy, research to be done and also need to set a new standard on everything. Malaysia will face recession this year and that's only mean one thing, save money and make more of it. Talk about making money, I just had a nice experience this month.

The story goes on like this, I received a call saying that I am needed to design a new e-cover related to a topic "marriage". It is a common niche nowdays as you can see most exploded products on the market, especially Malaysia market is something related to 5eX, you know what I'm saying, right? So does this e-book. You can e-book Pancutkan Isteri, Seni Melambatkan Pancutan and all sorts that suppose to be focusing on a family, not for anyone that wanted to do 5eX outside marriage. Okay, back to the story. My mistake is that I didn't ask for 50% payment and decided to complete the design first with a watermark on it. Unfortunately I completed the design but that fella just puff to the air, silents and never heard of him before. The conclusion? Next time don't do job without get half of the payment.

Instead of just focusing on the internet business, my eyes are now starting to move into new method of business. Not that new, but it is easy to do and have a good income. The keyword is worm. Yup, I have seen my friends making money out of it and right now still scavanging for more infomation. Since cosmetics need them, I can assure you that as long as woman use cosmetic, the worm business will be okay. 

Right now I'm still searching for something new on the net that arouse my interest to write them, and of course I will tell you all about it later.

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