Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Congratulation Obama

Congratulation Obama, right now this number one person by Times has started a controversial day as a prime minister of US. How controversial can it be? Well, at the Obama has been elected as a new president of US, the world is already putting America as a cruel nation. All of these is a result of bias by the previous US president, the Damned George W. Bush. He has put middle east to flame, creating many propagand including the WMD that has not being found, proved and even saw until now.

As what Ban Ki Moon said, Obama should now focus on the middle east conflict, regarding the war in Palestin, one of the bloodiest region in the world with a war continued for more than a century. What will Obama do? Will he continues the legacy of supporting the Zionist or starting to make a new approach related to peace and ceasefire. US has been taken lightly by Israel as a country that will backing them no matter what. And even Ehud Olmert claimned that he can ordered the President of US around just like puppets (refer to the news a few days ago) Will Obama do the same? 

OPeople in the middle east thinks that they should not put too many hope because even thought the president might change, US policies might go the other way around. So, what will it be? We can only look and wait for what Obama meant for as "changes". I hope that he is not only focusing on  what happen inside US such as unemployment and economy breakdown but also focus on clearing US images on the eyes of the international people.

P/s : I don't put a high hope because most people in White House is still the same. In order to create a change, he should cleared the table first and start a new dish.

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