Thursday, January 29, 2009

How To Have A Free Dot Com Domain?

Having a dot com domain is a must for many people especially for those who wanted to venture in into the internet seriously (I need to use Google Checkout to buy domain name, so just wait...) just like me. A dot com domain not only shows your seriousness inside the internet but also the status of the site itself. Making it outside the ordinary where people do everything for free and using free domain make them unique and prestigious. It will also attract advertiser, a main reason why most people blog in the first place. Today I would like to show you how to have a free dot com domain. Noted that this method is effective by the time I write this post and might not be effective later.
This method has been emailed to me by my friend which is an internet marketer as well, more senior and extremely good in making money only. He is a five figure if I'm not mistaken. Okay, back to the topic. I will paste some pictures to help you out with the process. Before we move on, you need to go to the site by clicking here. After that, key in the domain name of your choice and click check availability. If its available, click "Add to cart" and tick also "Yes, I am a small business owner."

After that, remove the "Private Domain Registration" and click "continue". Lastly just register and you got yourself a free dot com domain. Now, lets move on to the disadvantage of this method. I haven't try this one myself but some of the members of the forum saying that the renew rate is quite high. The solution is to transfer the domain to other program such as godaddy but I don't know whether its possible or not. Oh well, its worth trying!

P/s : I use Blogspot as a blog medium so it is much better to buy under Blogspot as well because it can automatically coordinated the blog.

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