Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Must Have Travelling Kit

By the time you read this post, I might already be half way back from KL to my home in Perak. Me and my family decided to stay there for only a day and the plan still well ahead but I don't know if later on my father decided to extend the time and we are still in KL by the time you read this. For those who does not know, you can postpone and set your own time of posting in blogger by click the icon post options located just above the button "PUBLISH POST", besides "Labels for this post:". After click that, just set the time and date you wanted the post to be publish and later on click the button publish post. On the Edit Posts page, you can see that the page that you have been postponed will be labeled as scheduled.

Ok, back to the story. I would like to show you the gadget that keeps making my laptop going, its just a cheap traveller adapter that you can just plug in on the cigarette's lighter located on every car. Now, you can see the device that I decided to capture using Sony Cyber-shot 8.1 MB and compressed the size for web page using Microsoft Picture Editor. As you can see, it is small and it actually has a lot of plug head that you can choose from. The one that I show you is suitable for Acer's laptop.

In order to make the power available for your laptop, you must set it accordingly to the laptop initial power output, located at every laptop power cable. Most Acer's laptop is using 19V only. I've tried to plug it on my Dell Latitude D600 and I failed to do so. It looks like that most Dell laptops has a bigger power plug head compared to other manufacturer hence making it harder to find any suitable power head. My Dell's laptop also has a problem with the power usage because its output power is 22.5V. The problem is the "." Okay, let take a look at the general comparism.

This charger advantage is the price (extremely cheaper than Tagrus Travelling Power Kit), can adjust the power output up to 24V and has 12 heads for you to choose from (some head can charge your cellphone). The disadvantage of this device is that it has no brand (brand also means quality for some people), the power must be precise (no "."), limited heads to select (no Dell head) and I still don't know how long can this charger lasted.

Okay than, thats all for today. For all my chinese friends and readers, happy Chinese New Year and thanks Mr.Foo (my neighbour) for a box of oranges you give to me and my family! Its lovely and sweet!

P/s : The advantage of Tagrus Travelling Power Kit is that it offers you a 3 pin power plug. Meaning that you can use any device that use a 3 pin power plug such as water heater, radio, laptop of all brands, washing machine, microwave and also hair drier inside your car!

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