Saturday, January 31, 2009

My New Branch of Income

Yesterday has become a new day for me to start a new branch of my income, online and offline. After a long thought and consideration, I finally choose to join My Mode. My Mode is one of the largest group that makes every agent a businessman of its own. You can choose either to become offensive on searching for people to convert them into new agent (MLM version) or simply sell prepaid just like a normal vendor (business version). Why do I choose My Mode? It is quite hard for me to join any group, many have turned to me from luxurious Luxor to the easiest monthly earner Ceramic but I turned myself to My Mode. The reason is simple : reliability of the goods.

Unlike Luxor that selling from cosmetic to toothpaste or Ceramic that sell ceramic and other pots products such as vase and plates, My Mode offers the best product that I can guarantee you people will be buying them until the business itself is dead, prepaid number. In Malaysia, there are already three main communication provider which is the widest coverage Celcom, luxurious Maxis and fancy Digi. This does not include the newest competitors on the market which is U Mobile and Happy. What I'm trying to say is that there is no dead in prepaid.

The fee is simply amazing, only $25.00 for introduction fees and a yearly fees of $2.00. Others will definitely up to you. The more credits you put, the more topup you could sell in a day, and lastly the more rebate you will get. Right now My Mode has ease its agent by providing better services including easy credit topup via almost any bank available in Malaysia. (maybe next time Paypal as well, who knows, right?) They even have a Mastercard debit card for easy credit topup, credited under EON Bank. Talk about reliability, right?

So, interested? For more infomation, how about try to see the website for yourself and see the package available. Remember, you might not selling the topup to someone else but you yourself using them if not monthly, daily. Click here to find out more and see the promotions!

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