Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Stay At Legend

Last week I went to Kuala Lumpur for my leisure and business purposes. I got an invitation from a small group which consist of my friends and their friends about how Internet marketing revolves and everything else related to it. They really did put something tuning over there, hoping there will see somebody with a Mercedes of BMW roaming all the way from Kelantan (a place where I studied) to Kuala Lumpur because most people now days looking at properties as a sign of wealth. It is a trademark that has been used my many Multi Level Marketing fella to attract more people by showing their cars and so on. Sorry to say, it might sound quite disappointing for them to see me coming to Kuala Lumpur by bus, what a heck. I don't mind what people might be saying.

So, the story is not about the group discussion and so on but more on the place I stay. Well, lucky me that I get the invitation early so I booked a room on Legend Hotel, Putra. I choose Legend because its quite near to Hentian Putra, just a few walk away and its near the shopping mall. Its not that I got no other place to go such as my relatives houses but I love to have my own review on each hotel I visited. Its more like a hobby than just a place to stay.

Apart from the time I arrived, the hotel reception and booking services really amaze me and help me a lot. I can book a room without having to reveal my credit card number, something that is almost impossible to be done on other "stars" hotel. I just need to give my name, date of arrival and that's it. Since I am just a student with no permanent job except Internet, I don't apply for any credit card.

(This is the exact picture of the room I stayed, large eh..)

Arrived at the hotel, I was warmly greeted by the staff there. Well, I don't know if they have a quite cynical looks because I am wearing what a normal teen would wear, and in the line with me are people with coat and tie. But as far as I know, everyone greeted me with a smile. Maybe my beard showed a little bit of old in me. The receptionist consult me on the room and also everything else that I need to know.

Talk about the room? The smallest room is big enough to fit 10 people inside, if you bring extra mattress along :D the television channel might be a little bit boring because they only have 12 channels and most of them is the common channels on everyday television and a few hotel channels such as Vision Four and Star Movies. There's a sofa and all the necessities. The room service was nice with a newspaper hanging on the door early in the morning, the next day.

Overall, accommodation in Legend Hotel is better than the previous hotels I've stayed. It has a better job on keeping things done compared to First World Hotel, Genting Highlands but if you seek for entertainment, it might not be the best option.

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