Thursday, January 22, 2009

Orthodox Jews Against Israel

For an ortodox jew, Israel should not be establish. It should not exist after all. It has said in Torah that jews should lives among the nation of the world until come the time where messiah will lead them. Because of these, you can see how there are two types of jews in the world, the orthodox and the Zionist.

The Youtube above shows a group of Rabbi (Jewish spiritual leader) making a peace demonstration fighting for the Palestinian people. It has said that before this, there is no conflict in the middle east especially Palestine until the state of Israel were establish. Many jewish people had fought not to create Israel state but the British at that time just keep a deft ear. In one conference done by US news with an orthodox Rabbi, he said that the creation of Israel brings a river of misery and hatered not only to people in the middle east, but also jewish people all over the world. The rise of anti-sementic is flaming and blazing especially with the recent movement of Israel.

Sir Gerald Kaufman is one of the brave orthodox jewish that has political power in Britain demanding Britain to call for an arm embargo against Israel. By stop supplying weapons, there will be no weaponry to continue the killing of infant, children, mother and innocent civilians by the Israel. I hope that more people, especially the muslim will arise and fight for the rights of people in Palestine.

Addition. See how these Israel spokewoman been bombarded by question and try to avoid all the question by answering nonsense. See how she reacts and tries to twist her words. The accidentally fire a missile to UN camps and schools whereas Israel has been said to be one of the most advance military in the world that us GPS? Think again.

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