Saturday, January 24, 2009

Repairing A Hard Disc

Have you ever try to repair a hard disc before? I have at least open the hard shell and look into it but never go to the extend of repairing one since I have no inner or external knowledge about it. Come on, I am just a mere B.Ed TESL students that learn everything that obviously not related to electronic and mechanical, especially on delicate computer component such as hard disc.

But today, I make a leap and try to go deep by trying to restore a damage and corrupted hard disc. My friend had bought a hard disc, still new, just a few months old but have a problem with transferring data. I think it might be related to bad sectors and so on. So, he bought it for $70, a 120 Gigabyte external hard disc which equip with AVF enclosure. Before this he had bought Master Cooler X-Craft enclosure but its kinda surprising because it needs external power surge, not portable at all. Since the hard disc has create a lot of problem, he wanted to throw it away after hitting it with a hammer but I stepped in and pay $25 for it.
I realize that the damage of the hard disc might not be as serious as it sound (maybe, I don't know because I have no knowledge regarding it) so I started to search on the internet upon how to repair a corrupted hard disc and many forums pointed at one software, HDD Regenerator V1.61. Is it that good? I don't know because I don't have time to test it yet. The problem is that using this software consume a lot of time and I don't have that because I need to catch my plane.

Maybe later on I will try to use it and see how it goes. Its not free but it might worth it. Imagine that after this I can make business by repairing others can smell it. $59.00 to purchase, free to try! Afraid to try? I will tell you the outcome of it afterward if its really has repair my hard disc.

P/s : Got to go now, I still has'nt packing yet!


  1. I have used HDD Regenerator software and it is fantastic. I am a computer technician and was able to recover about 95% of corrupt hardrives. It was able to recover bad sectors so the computer will continue to read the HD. As soon as you recover the drive,make a backup of it. Recommended software.

  2. Wow, that is a stunning result! I've tried it but I still cannot open my HDD, its still say that the hard disc is corrupted. What's happened? I think I might have push the wrong button on the command. I choose the first choice, scan and repair but nothing happens. Any advice?