Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scavanging For Blogs

On this post I actually wanted to show you how to make a free dot com domain and of course the reason why I don't make my blog with a free dot com because my email cannot be opened. As usual, stuck and end up with nothing but disappointment. Maybe its due to my broadband connection as Celcom always under upgrading or Yahoo! mail got problem of its own. So, to ensure the continuation of the post, a post a day, I would like to post about how do I search for blogs.

Before we go on to how, we should know what and why. What is a blog? I won't answer that. You should already know what is a blog by looking up to any dictionary that you can reach from Oxford latest edition or Cambridge newest edition or simply go to Wikipedia (as what people always do) and type the word "blog". I bet you will find lots of information there regardless of its reliability. My lecturer says that Wikipedia is nothing more than people's opinion and that's why it has never been recognized as a "source" because it can be added on by anyone and altered by almost anyone.

Now, why do we search for blogs when we have our own blog? Is it to make others popular? If you asked me, my simple answer would be to define and expand my knowledge regarding the niche that I been seeking. Blogs are mostly informal, just like this blog, making it much easier to read and less bored, not like government websites and so on. The only problem with blog is the accuracy of what the post is all about. Easy to say that you need knowledge before taking everything in a whole. I often find new ways to make money on the net by reading others blog.

So, what is your favorite places to search for blog? My first favorite place to find good blogs of many niches is the famous Entrecard. Inspired by John Chow, it has become a center of blogs community whereby all blogs of many niches gathered here and earn more traffics which based on popularity and the widget which allow free advertising that uses a simple points usage. Just search about "making money online" and puff, a bunch of entertaining sites are ready for you to read.

The second one is a blog directories. You can find all sorts of blog directories such as a total directories (example : Blog Dumps) or a mixing around bookmarks (example : Technorati). This method is much harder because you don't know the quality of the blog and the types of blog itself. Sometimes its not even a blog, just another mini site. This low of accuracy making it not my main favorite places to find good blogs.

The third one is search engine. It has been over years that people use search engine to find almost anything on the internet. Of course that what it suppose to do, that's why we called it "search" engine. The problem with seach engine is that the result might be based on a few factors that can be altered with money. The result might not be relevant to reader but relevant enough to the search engine. Optimizing web blog and pay for the rank making it harder to find a better quality site without involving money.

The last way I used to search for a good blog is forum. I have been a member of a few forum, used to be a member of and also but have not been active because of the tight schedule. Right now I am just a premium member of Wang Cyber and Jom Gempaq, taking advantage on what I might interest upon. In order to find a blog on forum, you can see them either on the introduction page, the footnotes, the signature or asking the members themselves.

Okay then, that's all for today. Thank you for reading!

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