Sunday, January 25, 2009

Travel in Cheap and Comfort Way

It's Chinese New Year and all hotels are fully booked. I've called Equatorial Hotel and Legend Hotel for reservation and what came across is just "I'm sorry sir but our hotel is fully book in 3 days". Well, it seemed like the new generation of Chinese loves to go out with their families on Chinese New Year rather than the old eating together family tradition. This is the time where you can see many Singaporeans come in to Malaysia to visit their relatives or elders. I be in KL for a day because I already made an appointment with a friend of mine before heading back to KL. A few pins and rounds on the Midvalley Bowling Alley, watching the latest Underworld 3 : Rise of The Lycan (extremely recommended) and at night stay at the cheapest yet comfort hotel I ever been, the Bangi Lanai Hotel.

In KL, it is almost impossible to find a hotel below MYR100.00 but Bangi Lanai proves me wrong. The service is great, more towards home stay rather than the lavish and luxurious approaches on the Stars hotels. I stayed there for the night and its only cost me MYR70. No butler, no jockey, only peace and harmony. My deluxe room equipt with Astro (HBO etc, defeating Legend hotel that only has Star Movie), air conditioner, remote controlled fan, heater and of course toilettries. It is near a mosque (my room is in front of the mosque) and has a 24 hours restaurant in front of the hotel.

The only problem with Bangi Lanai hotel is the accesibilites. If you bring a car, you might have to park them on the side road, no particular parking lot for cars. There is no bus stop near the hotel and the easiest way to get in is using a cab that will cost you MYR10.00. No breakfast provided, no room service, no phone inside the room and no guard on duty. No CCTV also.

So, if you need a good place to stay during the night, I really urge you to go to Bangi Lanai hotel. They even have their own website which is No credit card needed for reservation, only name and phone number. Better make a quick one because Bangi Lanai hotel is almost every day full booked.

P/s : I have 6 cabs phone number in Bangi alone!

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