Friday, January 23, 2009

The Year of The Ox

Happy Chinese New Year for all my fellow readers and friends who celebrated it. I don't know about the celebration in other countries but in Malaysia, other races celebrate it as well. Since there is a few days of holiday, I decided to go back home and visit my chinese friends in Ipoh. It's been a while since I met Hong, a classmate that I adore for his intelligent and kindness way back when we still in Matriculation. So, its the year of the Ox (not my year).

If you came to Malaysia at this time, you might see red decoration all over the shopping mall and hotels. Drums will be beating all over the place and at some points, they will lit the firecrackers. If you're lucky enough, you will get Ang Pau from people around you, especially on the mall. Dragon dance is a must and I never miss it when I stumble upon one. The acrobatic movement really amaze me especially when it comes to jumping and running on a few poles where if accident happens, your life is in danger. I'm serious, the height of each pole can be 5 or 6 metres tall.

A few places are offering many promotions especially hotel. I can ensure you that it is better for you to start booking for one because visitors from Singapore always come to Malaysia to visit their relatives, making most hotels occupied. You can consider yourself lucky if there is still a room for you if you don't make a book. Food prices will increase. Yesterday it has been said that by the ends of Chinese New Year, the sugar price will increase. Is it because of the increasing of demand or decreasing in manufacturing? I don't know and nothing can be done about it.

Oh well, Gong Xi Fa Choi and happy holiday!

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