Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Covert Affiliate Marketing Tactics!

If you don't know who is Russell Brunson, founder of DotComSecret.com than you might still be living under a rock that located in the bottom of a dried well located in the middle of Sahara desert. He is the one that launching an internet competition and the grand prize for the competition is a Corvette. He had done an inside scoop with a woman, named Rosalind Garnder who used to become an air traffic controller before becoming an internet marketer and earns approximately $513,231 within a year selling other people's product! Talk about such achievement, if I get that amount of money, I will already stop what I'm doing and enjoy life as it is.
In the audio book entitled Covert Affiliate Marketing Tactics, she told the listener in the interview or should I say conversation with Russell Brunson himself regarding how she started on the internet as a source of income, what is her approaches when it comes to customer services and lastly what are the do and the don't that she had made as her guideline. She is not a computer literate (not so literate in HTML etc) but she earns more than what other people might earn from. Hey, at least I got something in common with her, HTML illiterate. Even for my products, I just hire a professional mini site setup to set everything.

Its quite rude if I don't tell you what she might be talking in this audio book. Overall, she will be talking about :

  • Where you HAVE to start if you want to have success in affiliate marketing (most people are scratching their heads and end of failing!)
  • Should you tackle a HUGE market, or should you start with “low-hanging fruit”? Discover the answer that’ll keep you from spinning your wheels!
  • How to put a unique “twist” on your market positioning that’ll make even easier to conquer your competition!
  • The beauty of affiliate marketing (No, you don’t have to create the same page over and over again!
  • How Rosalind drives most of her traffic (this flies in the face of what most of the “gurus” suggest!)
  • What conversion rate you should have if you’re launching a site (if you don’t have at least THIS many people buying your affiliate product, you need to hang it up!)
  • The worst mindset you should have when launching a product (Worst part? About 97% of marketers have it!)
  • Where you focus should be when affiliate marketing—and it’s not making a heapload of money!
  • …and a WHOLE LOT MORE
This is an MRR product so I cannot just simply give it to you for free because it is stated in the regulation. I even don't have name list yet or subscribers so that you can get it for free by subscribing to my blog. So, what should I do? How about this, I will sell you this great audio book for only $2.00. I don't want to take much of a profit but just to ensure that you read them and start becoming excellent in affiliate marketing. Oh, don't worry about the date because this audio book is still new. I even include a week money back guarantee if you think its not worth your money,okay?

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Download The Demo By Click Here (9MB audio file)

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