Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cunning Software - PPC Web Spy

What is the best keyword in Google Adword that not only have a great impression and clicks but also appeared in most of the website with high probability of having sales? Searching for the perfect keyword has become a dominant work for most seller to achieve the highest possible sales and yet there is a way where the same results can be applied by "stealing". Yup, imagine that other people find a great keyword for Adword advertising and you simply steal them for your own good and there is only one software (or should I say, plugin) that allows you to do so, its PPC Web Spy.

PPC Web Spy is not an application, not even a software but only a powerful wicked Mozilla plugin that enable you to see the hottest keyword available online in real time. We are not talking about how many search with the keyword has been done just like Hot Daily Keyword (a Yahoo! widget add-on, see my archieve for my review on it) because its not only telling you how many people search for it but the current cost per click for it, the amount of clicks it has generated and the impression rate of the keyword. That's only the initial part of PPC Web Spy wickedness. PPC Web Spy has three four version, the free version, platinum, gold and silver.

The free version only consist of what I said before. The platinum and gold version have a more wicked add-on. They not simply searching and researching on Adword, they also turns your previous product's buyer into a buyer of your product. How does this possible? Platinum and gold version will convert the first and second results on the search engine into an affiliate link of you. Meaning that if you registered with Clickbank, you can custom your PPC Web Spy with your referral link.

Lets make an example out of this. Imagine that your Clickbank account is newacx. Someone buy a PPC Web Spy using your links and you are a gold user. Later on, he installed the plugin on his Firefox. Later on he wanted to buy an e-book that use Clickbank affiliate. He opened Google search and type "e-book". Later on the results will show up and the first and second result is an affiliate program. The links will automatically changes into your Clickbank affiliate. Still don't understand? Click here to see the video that will explain it to you.

Overall, I think this is a great program for those who wanted a continuation of income and its not that expensive. The price will be from free to $97.00 for Platinum user. Stop thinking and start earning by go to their website at

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