Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dice My Luck In Adgitize

I have tried my luck in many programs in order to make money online, from reviewing and posting to pay per click and even advertising solution. This time I wanted to role my dice to Adgitize. For those who does not know what Adgitize is, its actually more or less has a frequent and similarities to John Chow's Entrecard system. According to the FAQ sections, they have clicks up to 300 clicks to receive points and later on the points will be converted to money (just like Pay Per Click) and also advertise on other's site (just like Entrecard).

What makes it more interesting and profitable is that the points can be gathered either by visitors per day, impression, page view and also articles. Yup, you can earn from your post in your own blog. I don't really understand how this program works but I will give it a try because today and a few days before, I found out that more people that use Entrecard been using Adgitize as well. That's quite cunning because when using Entrecard, you gain traffic and traffic will boost points in Adgitize. You can become their publisher by click here.

Advertising in Adgitize seemed too good to be true. Why? Imagine this, you will have millions of page impression for your advertisement and all you need to pay is a fix rate of $14 per month. Its very cheap and might be exploding with advertisers in a few days to come. I think I wanted to try and become the advertiser myself. In order to be an advertiser and test the marketing of this system yourself, you can click here.

Affiliate in Adgitize came in especially for the publisher. You can either put a 468 banners or 125 banners or even a text ads just to promote your links. What make it sounds great is that for one time advertiser you referred, you will get $5 and you will get a monthly payment of $1 if they continue using the service. Its not that much but I think you will manage to find a lot of advertisers since its free. Be an affiliate by click here.

All right, I think thats all for now. Oh, before I forgot. The minimum amount for payment is either $10 or $50. Payment will be sent via Paypal for $10 and you can demand for check if its $50. Happy trying!

P/s : I have that kind of printer to print money, I might not have time to use it because I'm already in prison :(

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