Monday, February 2, 2009

February And Mounting Keywords

It's February, another month has just come and January had just passed by. In February, not much can be celebrated. The end of Chinese New Year means the initial stage of food price going high up to the sky. As sugar price increases, so does the food and nothing can be done about it because Malaysia imports 90% of sugar to support local demand. Recession is getting near to its peak as more people might lose their jobs despite Obama's effort in America to give more hope and changes to the people and of course, their falling economy. Enough said, lets go to the online tips. How do you search and find good keyword? What is actually a keyword?

In order to answer your question, the best way is to see and think the illustration I borrowed from a website. The credit for the picture goes to the owner of the website. See how important keywords might been towards a company or a business? In order to gain a good affection on the internet, finding good keywords is important because its all about SEO. I've a lot of ebooks regarding SEO that I will pass it on later. If you asked me, how do I search for keywords?

The initial stage of searching keyword is using a widget. Do any of you have installed Yahoo widget? We are not talking about the fancy and memory consuming widgets that not only have no benefits on you but also slowing your computer down but a widget that can help you boost exposure on the net. Its called Hot Daily Keyword. Try to search it using Google and you will see at among the top site. Hot Daily Keyword ables to give you the hottest search people made in Yahoo on that particular day up to 40 keywords (if I'm not mistaken). Its easy to install and easy to use. Only click update for latest results.

The second method that I used to search for keyword is using software. I bet there are hudreds of software, either its shareware or freeware, this software provided a better version of what's the hottest keyword on the internet. You can use this keyword not only to optimize your adsense or adword, but also to enhance the site index. Remember not to use the pirate version because it might be not up to date and gives you a false results.

The third one is using forum. I've joined Wang Cyber and Warrior Forum for quite a while and sometimes people will announce the highest paid keywords and most searched keywords of the day basically to all premium members. This infomation should be taken seriously because they might have a better resource than our own. Noted that look at the date first before applying the keyword because it might not be relevant any longer.

Last but not least is using website to search for keyword. What kind of websites do I mean? If you wanted to be on the top list of search on Yahoo, just go to and see the top search that located at the far right end of the site. You can also use keyword searcher in Google by log in to Adwords advertiser account. They gives the most search keywords on Google. The last one is the independent website. It's hard to find and might not be so accurate.

That's all for today. You can also maximize your SEO, not by making prones to keyword by simple advertise your site and pay people to anchor you up.

P/s : Today I wanted to sell e-reload to my customer but MyMode said that the stock is empty, what a waste...

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