Thursday, February 5, 2009

Free Webstore With CO.CC

Right now my domain name has become much shorter and easier to remember, no more blogspot and just Of course I will never forget that blogspot hosted this blog, only the domain name is under Do you know that you can create your own web store where you can custom it for free without having a single penny or skills? Before you further on reader, you might as well start it with registering with by either click here or the banner located just at the head of this post.

After you going sign in or register, you need to have a domain under For example, I have a domain that already registered under which is this domain, By having this domain, you will notice that there will be a second layer called the web store. Your web store will have an end of Just click on it.

Later on, you will be put into the web store interface. The above one is the domain URL of the store while the below one is the method of payment that been set up by I admit that the first time you see your web store, its ugly and can ensure no one will buy anything. It's normal. So, you use your creativity to make the web store a better place to see and purchase. Remember, external beauty is important, so does a web interface in a Internet surfer's brain.

Just go in by sign in (use the same email and password for and you're off to go. See that they already show you tutorial on how to sell your item on your own shop and even the method of payment. I find this feature as good because it can become a guidance for those who needs help in a time to set up their shops without loosing a penny.

In store that made just for you, you will have your own payment set up. All you need to do is to choose which is suitable for you. There are two methods of payment that they provided which are Paypal and Google Checkout. Both of these can be applied to help with your online income. Set everything up you're good to go!

P/s : If you think you need to expand your selling, just to to, or just start make advertisements.

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