Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kenyir Lake, Zango Income and One Piece

It's been a while since my last post about the software, I am so tired due to my intensive camp training at the beautiful island in Tasik Kenyir, Poh Island where I met with Johnny and Mike during my night sentry. Johnny is a male wild boar while Mike is an Asian fox. I haven't seen an Asian fox before and it is quite amaze to see that it is not orange in colour, its more like an otter rather than a contemporary fox that I saw on television. 4 days and 3 nights, I went for jungle tracking, kayaking around the island in the hot temperature and of course, camping.

As soon as I arrived back from the camp, I decided to take a little day out and rest for at least a few days before started blogging back. At the same time, I intended to finish watching all the One Piece episodes from 1 to latest anime. I've finished with Claymore, Devil May Cry, Tsubasa Resevoir and Chrono Crusade, now One Piece will be inside my collection, just like Naruto Shippudden and Bleach. Talk about anime, I am absolutely sure that there are more people reading and watching them (the anime) compared to any other animation works in the world, right? And let me tell you that my friend is making money out of it.

(having US traffics are advantages in Zango)

How? Zango of course. As you can see, more and more downloads or watch blogs and websites have Zango installed in them. So, in order to gain anything further than the welcome page, you have to download and install Zango. Zango offers quite a sum to webmaster according to the downloads. Do bare in mind that applying for Zango is not easy and not everyone can start using Zango as medium for income.

(using Wordpress for Zango is much easier than Blogspot)

What is the requirement of a Zango? As far as I could remember, you need to have an independent domain, good basic html appication especially for Wordpress, a constant visitors of 500 or more, and indexed by Google. Now, did you got what it takes? I have applied for them before and been rejected. I think I talked to much already. Need to continue watching One Piece, hoho...

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