Monday, February 16, 2009

Majalah IM 10th Edition Is Now Available

The all known Majalah IM has launched their 10th edition. It's free and you can download them straight away with or without subscribing to their feeds. The 10th edition of Majalah IM focused more on eBay. As you can see, the preview of the cover is about eBay and the person you see is Norizam, an eBay expertise in Malaysia. He sells almost anything in eBay that can bring profits and he shared some of his tips inside this e-zine. You can either read the whole interview or just listen to the audio version at the comfort of your home or work.

Right now I'm also going to try using eBay as a money maker, it is quite late since its 2009 already, more than 10 years since eBay has been launched to this very own cyberspace but I think there's nothing too late when it comes to money. I've registered all the necessities and right now waiting for my debit card to be sent by Public Bank since my VCC is already expired. It is quite hard to continuously using VCC because it might not come in handy if my Paypal has been limited.
I might using dropship as a method of selling and maybe experimenting something new. Of course its not going to involve something like selling your virginity on eBay or selling your life, that is just a word of a fool who does not appreciate life as it is. They say that you can have a good price for domain selling and I would like to see through that too. Unfortunately, as long as my debit card is still not with me, I can't start the first step.

Download the Majalah IM 10th Edition by clicking here (Malay language only)

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