Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tuning Your Bidvertiser With Bidvertiser Tuner

(The malay version of Bidvertiser Tuner)
Adsense is being considered as one of the most important component in a blog, it is the main income generator for most of the blog but what happens when you come to a crossroad where you waited for so long, paying a lot of money for e-books related to adsense but still have not able to reach $100.00? It's quite devastating, right? Sometimes we need to close a book, or rather postpone on reading them and start to read a new book. In this case, its adsense alternative and what I really mean is Bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser has been considered as one of the biggest competitors for adsense, with a large number of advertisers, mostly large companies and extreme capable publishers with a great tip for referrals, Bidvertiser has earned its name as the top 10 advertising solution you must have in 2008. Even though some speculation occurs on how to make money online with Bidvertiser due to the sufficient amount of e-books as guidance, some of them really makes money with this program. For example, me.

(My Bidvertiser income in 31 May 2008 - $78.11)

I have been in research for Bidvertiser optimization tactics for more than a year and discover the loop hole to earn from them. Consider this, Bidvertiser's minimum payout is $10.00 and I have find a tactic where you can earn a lot more than that less than a week and the figure keep on increase by days. These tactics have been applied to 12 newbies to see the outcome and 11 out of 12 generates minimum payout less than 3 days!

(My Bidvertiser income in 1 July 2008 - $108.08)

Some of you might be thinking, why I don't place Bidvertiser advertisement here? This is because this site is optimize specially for adsense. Hey, its not wrong to have more than one main income resources, right? I have more than 40 domains and some of it generates using Bidvertiser. So, still hesitate? You can see the Malay version of Bidvertiser Tuner by click here. The English version can only be purchase here.

Imagine, by the time you wait for your $100 Adsense income (if you don't get banned by that period), you might already earn a lot from Bidvertiser! Get yourself a copy of Bidvertiser Tuner for only $10.00!

P/s: How much did I earned this month? Wait and see. Its early February already. Oh, this e-book comes with 7 days warranty.