Wednesday, May 6, 2009

24 Free eBay E-Books

Starting from this millennium, e-books have become a part of our lives especially for those who wanted to find anything regarding internet marketing or eBay. There are too much e-books that I can consider some of them are just a total waste of money to buy and waste of time to read. There's even e-books that been rewritten, or resell under new bed sheets which eventually lead to the term PLR (Private Label Right) reseller. Here's are a few e-books that I get for free on the internet regarding eBay only. The size is not that big so you can download it with easy and comfort. I'm using Mediafire instead of Rapidshare or any other paid upload because I don't make money from this.

One of my online friend did, and he creates a phishing website to steal any Rapidshare users that too eager to download until you don't see the URL. Remember, before you download any documents from any sources (blog, website, forum) do take just one minute to look at the URL. Phishing site is not new, it becomes more advance but there's one thing it cannot hide, the URL. Once they obtained your user name and password, there are chances you can never open your account ever again. These people really got no sense of moral but what can be done, human.

Download now, 24 eBay e-books by clicking here. Till then!

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