Friday, May 22, 2009

Alibaba : Offer Or Desperate?

Alibaba, one of the B2B center where people selling items, buy items in bundle, possible dropshipping services and hook up with customers from all around the world. If I'm not mistaken, there are 8 million users in Alibaba database. Is that true? I don't know and have no source to confirm the claim. Alibaba has done a lot of advertising therefore its not an impossible figure. Have you joined them? I have joined Alibaba and I still don't get any sales from it. All I get is company from China offering catalogues of their items. I can't elaborate more on Alibaba so better you go to their website yourself.

A few days ago I got an email (I'm sure all Alibaba users got the email as well) regarding their offer for TrustPass and even get to be a Gold Supplier. It's a good yet expensive offer and since I dont see much potential, I don't really tempted with the offer. If you look close enough and read every details, its more like a desperate move rather than offer. Why? Take a look at the email. Use magnifier at the Windows accessories if you can't see it.

See the offer? Before June 15, the TrustPass membership + Gold Supplier would only cost you $589/year while after that date, Gold Supplier membership will cost you $2999/year. The gap is extremely big and it shows one thing, there are only one option left. But since the gap is too big, its obvious that they are selling the membership for $589. The $2999 only so that you can make a comparison incase you say, "$589? That's way too high! Better go for free B2B websites!".

How good is Gold Supplier? Is the requirement strict? Does it really worth it? I cannot comment much on this because maybe other sellers got good feedbacks or rating, its just that I'm a little bit of "suwei" in Alibaba. Strict? I don't think so. I've seen some China's Gold Supplier using photoshop to edit the photos (bad editing, can see the item as fake!) to show that the supplier has stocks full of iPhones. It's just a copy of a box and stamp it. Lol, the lighting effect should be edit as well, not just stamping the photo.

Back to the price. I don't blame Alibaba for using this method because other internet marketer use this tactic as well. "This price only for 300 people." Yeah, right. Why must only limit it to 300 people when you can drive 8 million people instead. That's a marketing tactic that provoke seller to be a TrustPass member. Overall, they might get more than 300 people. I'm pretty sure of that. Other tactics that work on the same principle is Dime sale and Rollercoster sale. What is Dime sale and Rollercoaster sale? See my previous post (way too long ago, I'm tired searching the database to give you the link, sorry...)

Overall, you might earn something but I only see nothing. Paying a high price for membership is just not my style. Since the free sites already gives a good ratio, I better stick to that one instead but who knows, your luck might be at Alibaba. Till then!

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