Saturday, May 9, 2009

Between Two Nokia

I haven't buy new mobile phone for the past 3 years, can you imagine what is the model of my current phone? I'm currently using Nokia 1100 and I really love it because its shocked resistance, water proof (if fall under water, just dry it under the sun) and surely decrease the amount of credit use per day (because I can't MMS or 3G, just SMS and call). I decided to buy a new phone when today my friend said to me something like this, "Do you want to bring your money to the grave and let it rot? Change your phone, its the worst of its kind." That's surely hit the spot. So, right now I got two phones in mind and don't know which one to pick.The first one is a classic Nokia N95. The price is around MYR1500.00 for 16GB if I'm not mistaken. It has a dual slide, dialing slide and media slide. It slightly big, and the camera is 5 Megapixel. It has been on the market for a while and the price never fall. In Malaysia, Nokia's phone has a slight lower fall in price value compared to other phones and that's a good thing when you decided to change your phone. I'm not sure either N95 have touch screen or not but it surely suits me best.
The second phone that interest me as well is Nokia Xpress Music 5800. The price is around MYR1200.00. I'm not sure about the internal capacity but it comes with a full touch screen and a touch pen. Its tweak to performs well in sound system and media. The interface is nice and so does the 3G reception for web browsing. Its really a phone that looks stylish, can be used in style and has a high market price.
That's a very hard part. I'm still thinking which one suits me best. Till then!

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