Sunday, May 10, 2009

Craiglist Is History (For Me)

A few days ago I decided to give Craiglist a second chance as one of my way to promote my goods, services or items. I used to use Craiglist before this when I'm promoting about my email marketing where I can launched promotional email to 2.1 million paid customers nationwide. The promotion was a disaster as all that replied are just scammers and frauders. Same goes to the one that I posted a few days ago, it been replied by either Nigerian scammers or Paypal frauders. I did give a little chill to their knee when I said that I've foward their name, IP address and email to FBI Cyber Crime Department,hehe.
This second attempts show me one thing, Craiglist is history at least for me. Advertising your item to the world for free is a big advantage, but the percentage of feedback is very low, making the advantage useless. Craiglist used to be a site that popular for its job applications, services and items but not anymore. It's loaded with scammers and frauders that wanted to take advantage of the internet world today. Even after a few years, Craiglist site remains the same. The design of the site is still so simple, the interface is still the same and the features remain the same as well.

Not related to that, today I've ended my three years studying in Kelantan. It was a nice ride and now I have to move to UiTM Shah Alam to further my studies since this is a twin program. I'm surely gonna miss the scenery of a decent life, the breeze of fresh and less poluted air, the beaches around Kelantan from Irama beach, Tujuh beach, Sabak beach, Cahaya Bulan beach and many more. I will miss the food and its price, Kak Pah's corner (we call it as Umbrella) and my lecturers. I've packed all my stuff and headed back to Perak within two days.

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