Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear Candlesticks Viewer, Get A Life.

What's candlestick commonly associate for with internet? Is it a candle stick or a phenomenon? Candle stick viewer can either be you're selling candle stick (nice aromatic candlestick that comes in different sizes, colours and smell) or someone who viewing forex from the comfort of his/her own room. I know forex is a fast generator for money making (or money breeding) and it has gain more popularity within this year but don't be like this fella that I'm going to tell you about.

There's a cyber cafe near my house (a few actually) where I always come and do some jobs that involves speed internet connection such as upload or download. In the last few days, I noticed that the cyber cafe owner started to view the candlestick (forex). Not only from one computer monitor but three! In my brain, I thought this fella really making a fortune. He keeps smiling when looking at the candlestick going up. Some people say that the America's economy is under revival stage, so its better to invest on company related to America for a better profit. Is this true? I still remember when there's a phenomenon selling Iraqi's money in bundle and saying that once Iraqi's economy has been restored, the money will started to gain value. Unfortunately, the investment is nothing more than a child's play.

Back to the story, it has been a few days and the owner still look at the candlestick. I'm so eager so I go near the owner and asked him, "What are you waiting for? What does that candlestick mean?" The owner quite neglect to say anything. He just said, "I'm waiting for my profit, the candlestick means something. Mind your own business, will you?" Okay, I'm been chased away, roger that.

The funny part is, when I wanted to turn away, I decided to take a slight glance on the candlestick program and what do you know, its "Simulator" aka Dummy Forex. Hah, you got to be kidding me. Did this fella know that he's viewing a simulator and not a real thing? Or maybe he just wanted to enjoy being able to feel what a real forex people feel when they gain profit. I shouldn't mind his business..hah. Till then!

P/S: Learn before you leap, it saves time.

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