Friday, May 22, 2009

Did You Know?

Thanks to Panduan Twitter, I came across this very interesting video presentation that been uploaded on Youtube, its called "Did You Know?". The video consists of several (quite a lot) of information which I don't know how accurate is it but surely its a very interesting presentation. Some of the facts (if its true) are quite irony for example about babies, english language, information technology and even computer capacity. Bermuda getting the number one rate for internet penetration? Thats just like "Malaysia is actually the first country that land an astronout on a moon" types of shocked. I never thought that advance country such as America and Japan fall behind on internet penetration unless if you include blockage from FBI, NSA, CIA that made it not number one.

Overall, its a very nice video and credit goes to the creator of the video, the person that upload the video, Youtube as the host of the video, Yahoo Messenger that give chances to Panduan Twitter to promote his blog and lastly to Panduan Twitter for giving a good post. Till then!

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