Saturday, May 9, 2009

Driving Instructor That Don't Have A License, Irony

Imagine a driving instructor that don't have a license, is it okay to learn how to drive from him? If you say yes, I'm sure something wrong somewhere. It should be no, its not okay at all. This principle is the same with internet marketing or make money online. Its not that I'm accusing anyone of doing what he or she not suppose to do but I'm more concern of what will happened to their buyer? I can say that everyone can create a book, e-book, e-zine or bulletin or even a blog post but before going for something that need to be paid to get access, the creator should have a decent knowledge regarding the tips or guide that he/she sells.

I've stumbled upon some of my friends that just happen to be in internet marketing for less than a year, earning not that much but already creates an e-book that give guidance regarding how to make money online. What is this? Is e-book really going to be a fast track for profit? I don't blame him for creating a product nor should I be jealous about it but the author suppose to know and experience it at least for a year and already have a good income. Is $10 from a temporary site that already closed, an income that should be bragged about? Author like this gives internet marketing especially on e-book seller a bad name.

Other example : Advertlets already been considered as a scam to many people, why do the author still list it as one of the side income? Be updated before creating an e-book or a book. It really annoys me. I don't want to list the name of the book here because its not good for business.

You want to see how internet marketer's income should be? This is how it should be, my latest screen shot on my Paypal account so far ( I don't like to brag about it, see above). I'm not a great, professional, powerful internet marketer and only earn some incomes monthly from the internet but this is what at least the author suppose to get before creating a guide. Creating a crap not only make people less convince on internet marketing but also close the doors for real author to sell their product later.

I am so angry when someone take advantage on the internet by selling cheap content to others and try to gain as much money as possible from them. Why? Because I used to be a buyer and lost quite a lot buying stupid e-books that don't have good and updated content. That was two years ago when I first started to do something on the internet. I hope that before you buy an e-book, try to see reviews from other people first. It might help. There are differences between professional e-book author and instant e-book author. Till then!

P/s : I'm accusing someone, but I don't state it as WHO. I'm sorry, I don't feel right about it because I know many people seek ways to make money online and many have been fooled by instant e-book authors.

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