Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Experimenting Wordpress

Finally today I'm able to get back on my foot and start a new blog using Wordpress as a blog platform. Actually I wanted to make an ecommerce website but since Niagakit isn't available at the moment and I generally have no idea at all about Joomla or Zen Cart, I decided to open a Wordpress blog. The theme is fixed but I managed to change the header. Do visit it at For now I still using a free Wordpress just to see the traffic, if the name is good, I will proceed with paid domains.

My friend, Catzer aka Surfaddict creates a workshop regarding how to make money from Wordpress, I'm quite depress that I couldn't come to her workshop due to some works to be done and the examination. If only I can learn a thing or two about builing ecommerce website using Wordpress, I might have a beautiful site right now with shopping cart, creative method of payment, forms and of course layout design. How am I going to convince others to buy the item at my current Wordpress blog when all the layout is a free and fixed one? Its surely not good for business.

Its 2.oo in the morning and I had finished chatting with my friend, Jaryn. She had a good blog post but decided to keep it under radar by using Live as blog's platform. Its just like blogging on Myspace and Friendster. On this occasion, there's an exception because my friend don't want to make money with blog, she just love blogging and express herself. I consider her as personal blogger but for those who wanted to make on the net, one of the important thing is try to stray out from personal information.

Pro blogging often focused on niches and you surely wanted to make sure all your post do not astray away from that niches. Unable to stick with your niches might bring unstability to the blog's main category and of couse the advertisement involved. Imagine an automotive blog that has a post about how to make good curry, its nonsense. See example from Shoemaker or John Chow, even if they wanted to make a personal post, it always related to the niche. On the other hand, some bloggers prefer being personal, that's another story. Okay, its 3 am. I'm going to take a nice sleep, till then!

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