Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Failure in Wordpress, Stick to Blogspot

Wordpress, another form of free platform blogging site that really famous and popular due to its effectiveness of easily able to change the layout, put some designs and make your blog beautiful. I don't see that as a big advantage but I do see that able to put pages separately on the blog is really an advantage. I've been using Blogger platform for while so I don't think of turning over to other source. Today I tried to use Wordpress but I fail. I can't upload a picture to the page. I really don't understand how to do it.

I upload a picture from my laptop but I can't put the picture on the post. I don't see any button on the add media except save. Is my internet too slow that the button still not upload or I don't know how to do it. Surely I tried drag the picture but that not how it suppose to be done. So hard, better stick to Blogger. Its not very variety but at least I can post and put pictures easily. Right now I'm deleting every "Africa" and "Nigeria" emails that wanted me to send the item to there. Well, since I don't want to take any chances as there might be real buyers, I decided to send all the email some Paypal money request emails. I wonder how they going to react to that.

Nigeria and Africa's scam is nothing new. I'm sure all of you have experienced them if not on eBay or Craiglist, it would be on your email. Remember the classic story where someone die and give your the trust fund? Yup, that's old. Right now they come up with new story. One of the Africa's scam says that his son is doing archeological research in Africa, so he willing to pay shipping fees up to $100.00 including the iPhone that I sell which cost him $400. Of course there are possibility that this is a genuine seller so I decided to send a Paypal billings to him. If he paid it, its my lucky day. Forgot to mention, if anyone interested of having the phone, do email me at newacxebay(a)gmail.com. I shall send you all the specification you need.

Today, my last eBay listing ends. So right now I cannot list anything new for a few days until I finished my exam and send all the documents to lift the seller's limit. This is where its better if you have an auction account not only on eBay but on other sites as well. Try to sell it on Buysellhub, 121biz and Webbiz. I'm sure it can covers for a few days if anything happens to your eBay account. Till then!

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